Education Reform Website

A website must be established to provide a clearinghouse function for all aspects of education reform in Montana.

This would include projects being researched, projects proposed for implementation, and the monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects

It would include also details of the money. Money being sought, from where and for what reasons. Where the money goes. A user should be able to find out money details for any program, any level of education, any geographical area. For example, local schools could be encouraged and/or required to post their budgets.

A database or library of effective strategies must be developed, particularly those that have shown the possibility of replication. For example, ABC news under Peter Jennings for many years did pieces on experiments in education.

The website is to have one section committed to accurate data, and another committed to the lobbying and position papers of various interested parties.

Who is to manage this website in a fair, unbiased, effective, competent, up-to-date manner? There is no easy solution to this problem. If it is managed by a state government department, then all too soon it is likely to be behind the times, even useless, and subject too much to the political winds. If board members are appointed by a mixed bag of senators, governors and education professionals, then it is likely to be too insulated, and drift off into irrelevance or arrogance. If private, then the private interests managing it are sure to exercise excessive influence. All in all a separate state board something like a marine board might be adequate. Or perhaps something like the present structure of National Public Broadcasting would work adequately. Local "barons" in local affiliates help to elect the board, which is also subject to but somewhat insulated from the political winds in DC. A major problem with this approach is that local listeners, who are called "members," are in fact not, and have no legal say over the makeup of the board. At any rate, this problem is not solved. It must be, so that any citizen of whatever political persuasion will come to consider the education website a vital, fair resource of immediate pressing relevance.